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Tricoya® is a completely new, high performance MDF panel product. It demonstrates outstanding durability and dimensional stability in the most extreme and challenging environments – both exterior as well as interior, wet and high moisture applications. The product uses proprietary acetylated wood technology and a modified MDF manufacturing process to create a wood panel product with outstanding durability and stability.

Tricoya® was developed by challenging the most fundamental reason for wood swelling: water absorption onto hygroscopic wood fibers due to the presence of hydroxyl groups. The hydroxyl groups (water loving sites) can bind or release water molecules causing wood to swell or shrink.

Acetylation is a revolutionary sustainable process which
has been proven on Accoya® solid wood since 2007, and increases the number of naturally occurring hydrophobic acetyl groups in the wood cells using acetic anhydride.
The process exchanges the hydroxyl groups (chemical formula: -OH) with acetyl groups (chemical formula: -COCH
3) preventing water absorption at these sites, and thus enhancing the dimensional stability and durability of the wood.