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Garage Doors – Custom Built to Your Needs

As cars have grown more important in our daily lives, they have gained prominence in home planning and design. It is nearly impossible to find a home built in the last 30 years where the first thing you notice is not the eye-catching wooden garage doors. In today’s world, the standard wood garage door is so central that most homeowners use it as the primary entrance! It can easily represent 50% of the front view of your home. As leading residential garage door manufacturers, not installing Ranch House garage doors on your home would be tantamount to hanging a scarlet letter on your home.


Over the last twenty plus years, Ranch House Doors has worked with the best designers, architects and home builders in America to improve the garage wooden door designs and by extension the curb appeal of fine, custom garage doors and their overall value to your home. Ranch House Doors custom wood garage doors are now one of the first steps a home owner should take to improve the worth of their property.


Ranch House Doors offers a wide array of different type of garage doors. From our Full Custom doors to Faux Wood and even Swing Out or Slider garage doors. As your top garage door manufacturers, we are “redefining the entrance” one door at a time. Let us help you take your ideas and dreams to reality. If you can think it or dream it, Ranch House Doors can build it.

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