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When you know what you want and what you don’t want in your garage doors, the Ranch House Flush Series designs are waiting for you.  Flush garage doors have sections that do not have visible rails or stiles.  Ranch House Doors offers wood garage doors with a number of flush designs, one of which will fit your home. The sleek smooth appearance of the Ranch House Door Flush garage door can soften the appearance and be a very elegant addition to your home. The flush design works well with arched garage door openings or to create and apply a lightweight design to your homes architectural lines. 
While the flush door is more closely associated with function rather than style, the Ranch House Door Flush designs are anything but plain and ordinary. The Flush garage door design might also be considered more utilitarian than other Ranch House Door designs, but that does not mean that the Flush door cannot be an attractive element of the architecture and style of your home.  The Ranch House Doors Flush Collection garage door lends itself well to a number of home designs and where your desire might be to highlight other elements of your home.
The Ranch House Door Flush garage door is manufactured by using plywood that is attached to each side of a wood frame.  The RHD Flush Collection garage door, come standard with ¼” Luan plywood front and back.  Wood, MDO or Extira can be used as the face material, as you desire and request.  The Flush door is insulated and built for both noise and temperature control. The plywood can also be finished to accentuate the wood grain or painted. And once the door construction is completed, the finish is treated with a sealant to protect the color or the stain. 
It is also possible for Ranch House Doors to build you a flush garage door using your own selected type of laminate or plywood.   At Ranch House Doors the number of custom wood species available to the homeowner is long and diverse.
Along with the traditional flush wood door, it is also possible to purchase a flush door that is constructed with stainless steel and even other metals like copper (face only).  Please reference our Contemporary Collection where these alternative materials are listed.

Flush Collection Specifications

Flush Collection garage doors offer a flat plywood face versions and a number of tongue and groove wood designs.


3 Layer Door


Frame FJ (Finger Joint) – Hem Fir:             1  3/32 “:              1 1/8” Polystyrene insulation: 

Front and Back:                                                 ¼” Luan plywood


Standard Plywoods Used to create a recessed flat panel appearance

  • Luan Plywood : Phenolic glues for exterior use – paint and stain grades available.


Optional Plywoods Used to create a recessed flat panel appearance

  • MDO (Medium Density Overlay)               :  3/8 “ or 5/8 “: A resin based birch veneer core plywood produced  with phenolic glue for exterior use – paint grade applications only
  • Extira:   A resin based wood composite designed for exterior use – paint grade applications only
  • Marine Meranti:  A Meranti face with phenolic glues multilayer core, no core voids.  Commonly used in boats.
  • Ribbon Mahogany Plywood:   ¼ “ Sapele Mahogany, book matched veneered
  • Custom:  Ranch House Doors can  make custom plywood out of any material you would like



Wood Options:            Please note that we offer hundreds of materials for your selection.  All of which are available upon request for an additional charge.




  • Glazing of windows is 1/8 “ thick clear double strength glass. (DSB)


Misc. Elements:


  • Standard Texture is Smooth.


  • Astragal:  1  3/8” and 1 ¾ “ Rubber bottom seal sizes are standard.  


  • Stop Molding:  11/16” thick  x  2 ½ ” wide.   Available in all species. 


  • Putty:  All doors manufactured with Cedar woods do not get putty, unless specified.


Odd Width and Odd Height Doors:


  • Width:                  If the door exceeds standard width from RHD standard width sizes you must go to the next wider door size.   Example:  If door is 7’ 1 “ in width, you must use the 8 ‘ wide doors.


  • Height:                 If the door height exceeds standard height from RDH standard heights you must go to the next higher door size.  Example:  If door is 8’ 1” in height, you must use the 9 ‘ high doors.


Warranty Conditions:


Standard Warranty – 1 year Limited Warranty  -  Please reference our complete warranty information.  


Please be aware of the impact of direct sunlight, poor drainage and / or other extenuating circumstances such as poor service, that may compromise the longevity of the lumber, and may void the warranty.

Flush Collection COLLECTIONS

  • Flush Tongue and Groove

  • Flush Ply